Consolidated Live Digital Footprint

Monitoring & Managing of digital customer engagement for each partner location and their peers, including

  • Live social media feed combining Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Full digital footprint including Trip Advisor, Yelp and Google

AI-Based Sentiment Analysis for Reviews

  • Aspect-based semantic and sentiment analysis of reviews across all major platforms, with smart notifications providing actionable insights to local businesses

Programmatic Ad Creation & Publishing

  • Enables brand partner locations and franchisees to review, edit and publish campaigns
  • Cross-platform publishing to social media, VoD and Programmatic TV

Easy-to-use Redemption Technology

  • Enables closing the loop on social advertising using coupons and vouchers
  • Can be integrated with client POS or redemption systems

Monitor Peers’ Social Engagement

  • Consolidated live feed for peers and competitors
  • Full digital footprint including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Choose favourites and top-rated venues, by Cuisine or location