Marketing Teams in Franchises such as Retail and Quick Serve Restaurants are trying to empower franchisees with content to drive local footfall through their own Social Media Channels, while maintaining consistency of the assets that are shared by a large number of franchisees.

Area or Regional Managers don’t have a way of understanding consumer engagement for their franchisees across their digital channels, and the impact of the business of other franchisees.

An integrated dashboard for franchiseess, to better manage all of their Social Media and Online Reviews in one place, and to receive customised Social Media Content and Sponsored Advertising from the franchise owner!

Campaign Management tools for Marketing departments and Agencies to set up customised Social Media Content and Sponsored Advertising for each franchisee at scale.

A Console for Account Management teams to view macro consumer engagement data on a National or Regional basis for their portfolio of franchisees

Franchise owners can have an infrastructure in place for the ongoing digital transformation of their network of franchisees to drive increased local revenue, with control over shared assets and analysis of customer engagement data at scale