Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Used to extract meaningful insights from customer feedback on Social Media & Review platforms, which are presented to both the local business affiliates and brand marketing teams

A virtual robot is also used to automate responses for merchant users and for redeeming coupon codes

Messenger Bot

Analysis of Keywords & Sentiment

Combines AI, ML & NLP to analyse customer reactions on Social Media & Review platforms to identify keywords and phrases that are important to brands and merchants in specific sectors and presenting these results to both the affiliated local business and brand marketing teams

Analysis of Trends & Triggers

Analysis and represention of key trends across consumer engagements on Social Media & Review platforms of affiliated local businesses, along with campaign performance and brand mentions, to trigger actionable insights for local businesses, brand marketing teams and agencies


Using an intercom messenger bot for automating response all day 24/7 inside the dashboard for providing a more intuitive experience to merchant and brand users

Proprietary Messenger bot for brands to measure footfall from advertising on Social Media platforms

Messenger Bot

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