Our Story

Gladcloud is an Enterprise Software Platform for Brands & On-Demand Services to Drive Revenue through the Marketing Channels of Affiliated Merchants, addressing the key parallel challenges and opportunities of improving customer engagement and increasing revenue at each merchant partner location. Gladcloud’s platform provides these Brands and On-Demand Services with:

  • Aggregation & AI-based analysis of Social & Review data at scale for both affiliated and potential merchant partners  (e.g. Restaurants & Bars)
  • An integrated, easy-to use-dashboard within On-Premise portals for these local merchant partners to better manage customer engagement on social and review sites and
  • Simple to use social video advertising tools to increase revenue at each location by publishing unique, customised and locally relevant video ads at scale across multiple platforms

Our Mission

To empower the biggest global convenience economy brands (such as Food Delivery & Beverages) to drive increased revenue from their local affiliates (such as Restaurants & Bars) by digitally transforming hyper-local customer engagement across multiple social and review platforms

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