Social Footprint & Online Reputation Management

Enables local business partners of global brands to easily manage their customer engagement on social media and major review sites with one easy-to-use tool

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AI-Based Sentiment Analysis for Reviews

Aspect-based semantic and sentiment analysis of reviews across all major platforms, providing actionable insights to local businesses and their brand partners

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Multi-Platform Video Advertising

Automated creation of unique branded video adverts at scale , published across multiple platforms

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About Us

Gladcloud has developed an Integrated Enterprise SaaS platform that connects Brands and On-Demand Services with their affiliated local business partners, addressing the key parallel challenges and opportunities of improving customer engagement and increasing revenue at each local business location, providing:

  • An integrated, easy-to use-dashboard within On-Premise portals for these local merchant partners to better manage customer engagement on social and review sites and
  • Simple to use social video advertising tools to increase revenue at each location by publishing unique, customised and locally relevant video ads at scale across multiple platforms
  • Aggregation & AI-based analysis of Social & Review data at scale for both affiliated and potential merchant partners ¬†(e.g. Restaurants & Bars)

Our Mission is to make it the norm for local businesses to receive custom co-branded content and sponsored advertising from the multiple brands that they sell!

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